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Instagram Followers

Have you sick of buying fake and bot followers that stays for a day on your Instagram account ?

The wait is over, we are proudly introduce, state of an art service, in that we tend to provide premium Instagram followers, which will never drop again, You can choose any Country and gender
of followers.

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We commit to provide followers with following features

Delivery Time

Our algorithm works naturally and with Instagram defined limits. Your order suppose to be processed instantly right after you complete the order. Delivery time can be upto 1 to 24 Hours per 1000 Followers. You can also setup your delivery preferences at the time of order.

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Pricing for everyone. Buy something worth buying.

Base Pricing for all: 10GBP per 100 Premium Followers

1000 Non Drop Followers You will pay 100.00GBP

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Faqs related to Premium Followers

Do you offer customer Support2020-02-12T16:02:33+00:00

No These are quite natural, non drop followers and will be keep following you untill they want to unfollow you for any reason. You can expect 1% drop per month.

How can I pay ?2020-02-12T15:58:14+00:00

Since these are natural verified followers and you ll be able to see good number of posts,profile picture and authetic bio about the user.

What happens when followers/likes drop2020-02-12T15:52:28+00:00

Absolutely, You can choose profile genders as mix,maleonly or female only.Full control.

Do I get my order completed Instantly ?2020-02-12T15:45:10+00:00

YAS!!! The feature you always been looking for, Yes you can choose to have followers from your preffered area including US/UK/CA.

Is it Legal buying Social media services2020-02-12T15:42:11+00:00

The estimated delivery time for atleast 1000 Primum followers can take upto 24 Hours.

How it works2020-02-12T16:30:04+00:00

For premium Followers, we primarly use Facebook and Google ads plus we have our own affiliate sytem and other private strategies to provide you fan following of your intrest.

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We have our own affiliate network and strategies to get you these followers, We primarily use Facebook and Google PPC Ads plus our own optimization tools.

We understand the fact how other provider are charging so much for this and giving non in return, so we come up with this legendary service in that you have full control on managing  growth of your Instagram account.

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Real and active profiles

Dedicated Support

Active Followers Uk, provides 24 x 7 Hours, customer support to our customers, You will never loss and other order with us.

Instant Delivery

Our system is fully automated and once you made an order it will automatically process by our system and you get instant delivery time.

Track Order

With our Auto Tracking system you can see the status of your order on run time and make sure you get for what you have paid.

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Enhance Your Followers With only Active followers, If you choose any random spot to buying followers, likes, views or comments on your

Instagram account then there are chances you are going to waste your money. You will meet bots on your account.

Premium Instagram Followers


Just bought 10k followers months back only 20 drops and they refilled it on my short email, great service and saved me !

Tom Rogers

Finally find someone who is fair enough in business, im regular client now, clean and active followers, they likes my insta feed and i love it great service. much appreciate.

Henry Konals

Great service, followers dont drop at all and clean profiles, great support, highly recommended.

David Williams