There are millions of people who use Instagram, and you must have an account that’s why you are here.! People are so curious about that who views their account. Maybe you also want to know who sees your Instagram profile frequently and who is keeping an eye on you.

There are some ways by which we can analyze who sees our account, and we can also examine our Instagram interactions. Instagram now has a feature known as Insight which will help you to analyze your profile and post interactions. It shows all the analytics accurately, which is so beneficial as well.

There are so many apps that claim that they can show you the users who see your profile. These apps also claim that they can give your proper data, such as who follows you and who unfollowed you.

Who Views Your Instagram

You can see that who got interact with your profiles and post. Whenever you post a picture or video on Instagram, you can see that who liked your post and gave your heart.

Instagram Likes

First, you need to go to your Instagram account and then go to your recent post. You will see the numbers of people who liked your post. Just click on liked names. Instagram will show you the complete list of who interacted with your post.

In this way, you can adequately see who is engaging with your account and post. You can easily see the whole list of users.

Try Active Followers

You can also see users who viewed your posted video, and with the above method, you can see who liked your video and viewed your video. It is the legal and most accessible way without using any third-party app. You do not even have to provide any of your personal information in this method.

How to See Who Views Your Instagram Story?

Just like posts, you can see who viewed your Instagram story. You can see the complete list of users. You can even see the separate list of every story you post on Instagram.

Open your story on Instagram, and you will see the eye button at the bottom of the screen. Tap on this, and you will see all the users who interacted with your story and viewed your story.

How to Check Instagram Story Views

Instagram also cares about privacy, but these are the things that a user should know. You can keep an eye on every visitor who liked your posts and viewed your stories. It is also an excellent feature for those who want to target some specific audience. They can increase engagements with the required audience. You can easily see how many friends viewed your posts and stories.

How to See How Many Views Your Instagram Gets?

Well, there is no such way to spot a genuine person who views your account, but there is a way to see how many people viewed your account and how many impressions you get through your posts.

switch to business account

Instagram offers an excellent feature to convert your regular account into a business account. A business account has some unique features such as Insight. You can see the number of people who viewed your profile, and you can see impressions and engagements.

You can convert your account into a business account through settings. Open settings and there you will see an option called “Switch to Business Account”.

You do not need to have a business in order to use a business account. The business account gives you an in-depth view of the people who interacted with your profile and posts. You can even link your Facebook page with your business account if you have one. You do not need to do this if you do not have any Facebook page. You need to provide your contact info so that people can contact you because you now have a business account. You must need to provide your contact info such as email or website etc.

What about third-party apps?

Since there are plenty of apps available which claim that they can show you who views your IG account, these apps can be tricky or full of scam, but you need to be alert if you go with this option because there is no way to see the actual person who views your account.

There are apps including InstaReport, Social Track, and Social Fans. These apps can be tricky like I said before, and you need to be alert about these apps.

Many people claim that Social Fans works magically, but soon you will realize that it will cost you about $40 for a proper subscription. Many people do not buy a subscription because it is too expensive to see the person who views our profile.

There are also reviews available about InstaReport, and many people say that you can access information, but you need to pay $4.99 per month. Many users say that the information they provide is not accurate.

Social Track also has reviews, and it is free to use but to see the actual data, they demand money. So you need to pay if you want to view accurate data.

There are also many apps which demand your personal information and steal your data as well. You should be warned about that. These apps will ask for your email and login password, and then they will hack your Instagram account. These apps are also malicious.

Try Active Followers

Besides these bad apps, there are two useful reviewed apps that can help you to get analytical data of your Instagram account. Follower Analyzer and IG Master Follower Analyzer. These two apps are pretty secure and trustworthy.

Follower Analyzer

If you are an android user, you must search for this app.

With the help of this app, you can see:

  • You can see that who unfollowed you and who is not following you back. You can also track new followers and can see your fans as well.
  • You can also see that who likes your posts regularly and who does not like your posts.
  • You can keep an eye on followers who comment on your post and who do not comment on your post.
  • You can see the sorted posts in most liked and most commented manner.
  • You can also see your highest viewed story and video.
  • You can see tagged people who are in your posts.
  • You can see the stats of other accounts as well.

These are the primary and main features of this app. You can check the complete analytics of your account. You can see who interacts with your posts and videos. You can check the comprehensive report of your account.

IG Master Follower Analyzer

If you are an iPhone user, then you should download this app.

This app has almost the same features as the android app has. It is the most popular app on iOS devices.

You can:

  • You can easily see who unfollowed you.
  • You can check that who does not follow you back after you follow them.
  • You can even see that who unblocks you.
  • You can check your best active follower with the help of this app.
  • You can manage your community quickly. Manage your fans and followers in one place easily.
  • You can see other potential followers increase engagement.
  • You can track your account’s performance and see complete analytics of your account and posts as well.

These are the ways to see who views your profile and who is more engaged with your posts. IG Business account is still a great choice, and the rest methods depend on your preference. If you think that third-party apps can do a better job, then you must go with these two apps because they are excellent and free to use.