The number of followers is a big deal for Instagrammers. Either influencers or the artist, people worry about their fans and like getting from them. It isn’t easy to attract people in a virtual world. It is not easy to live a similar life all the time and be in one skin only. It isn’t easy to maintain and grow your fan following your post. Losing fans and decreasing numbers of likes may not sound strange to many people, but for the Instagrammer, it matters a lot.

Some Common Causes of Dropping Followers

People are busy with their lives but active on social media platforms at the same time. To make someone a celebrity, promote some business or appreciate any profile, Instagram followers are helpful, and losing them may not sound fair to all. Changing the number of fans is normal, but dropping a good number of fans can be a problem. There can be different reasons for losing followers, here are some:

They Might be Bots

Fake accounts and bot accounts maybe a reason for a large number of followers in your profile. Instagram has applied an algorithm to delete bots profiles, which might be a big reason for dropping fans from your profile.

Fake accounts and people who unfollow the profile are not loyal fans. Nor they make an active appearance on Instagram, neither buy any services or products. If you are losing these kinds of accounts, only your loyal fans will be on your profile.

Too Much Competition

Instagram is an advertisement platform where you can show your talents, product, or service to people worldwide. The forum is getting more familiar to the people by the time it is being used more to show than to see. People who were previously following you might have shown and advertised their services or products on Instagram. The competition of everything on the platform from modeling to painting has increased, and people will be better ones.

Followers are Losing Interest

There are many social media platforms for talking, entertaining, passing the time, and more. People are losing interest in Instagram. People are also changing their likes and preferences on social media platforms after being on one page or profile for so long. As some new followers joining your account, many might be leaving to go to another one.

People Carefully the Feed for Their Timeline

What do you want to see when you open the app? The question hits all of the Instagram users, specifically the followers, in a discreet manner. People change their home feed content by switching to other accounts and profiles and unfollowing the previous ones. They get to see something new might be causing you loss of fans on Instagram.

Some Common Solutions

These are some of the widespread issues that lead to a decreasing number of followers on their accounts. It might not be worthwhile for everyone but for the people who run their business, working as an influencer, and promoting any work (painting, social services, etc.) may worry. Here are some simple solutions for the problem

Improve Your Content

Changing the lifestyle, priorities, and activities are expected in the real-world. You might be working on Instagram in one field, which may have several competitors. It is better to revise and improve your work and upgrade your niche to attract more followers and keep the content interesting to behold your profile’s followers.

Do Not Expect Much

The preferences of people may change. Besides making your efforts on your content, you cannot grab people to follow your accounts. Advertising your page on other social media platforms may help you to increase Instagram followers, but that is not a guaranteed way. Since the profiles of service providers are growing, followers are attracting others too. It would be best to focus on providing your best but should not expect too much in return.

People want more all the time. To get more Instagram followers, you need to give more time and effort. There are many strategies to behold the followers on your profile. Some of them are

  • Launch more give-away schemes.
  • Introduce cost-effective ads
  • Improvise hashtag strategies
  • Interact more on DM, comments, and likes

There can be more strategies you can use to attract followers and get more likes. Focusing on what you can do from your side is better than worrying about the outcome and losing hope. Being positive on Instagram is one of the keys to re-attract people and continue your journey.