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Boost Your Instagram Followers with right traffic. Are You looking for organic and real Instagram followers and fedup with Bot and fake Followers ? Try our one of its kind service where we provide real and interactive Instagram followers through Google Ad method and our own influencer network where we do shoutouts. These are real people and can interact with Your Instagram Posts/Stories/Views etc. We are also providing end to end tracking system, where You can see all the followers coming from our side and if these are 100% real Instagram users.

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    • Starter

      £ 20 Once
      • 100% Real People
      • Free Natural Likes
      • Free Natural Views
      • Rank with in Instagram
      • Money back guarantee
      • Instant processing
      • Rank with in Instagram
      • 24/7 Premium Support
    • Intermediate

      £ 30 Once
      • 100% Real People
      • Free Natural Likes
      • Free Natural Views
      • Rank with in Instagram
      • Money back guarantee
      • Instant processing
      • Rank with in Instagram
      • 24/7 Premium Support
    • Advance

      £ 50 Once
      • 100% Real People
      • Free Natural Likes
      • Free Natural Views
      • Rank with in Instagram
      • Money back guarantee
      • Instant processing
      • Rank with in Instagram
      • 24/7 Premium Support

Make Your Real Fan Base on Instagram

The only legit way to get Instagram Traffic faster is when You make it viral on Instagram as well as on other social networks where We have relevant traffic. Hence we use Google Ads as our core engine plus we also use our own made influencers network. You can check each and every follower You gain with us going to be a real person
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If You find out these are not real Instagram Users, You can have 100% Money Refund. No Question asked!
Below are Core Features

  • 100% Real Instagram Followers

  • Non Drop and Interactive

  • Target Your Origin for Followers

  • Target Gender of Followers

  • Control Delivery Time

  • End to End Transparent Tracking

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee In case of Fake Followers

Transparent Tracking System

Frequently People ask us the same question “How I can know these are real Followers”

Well You may have the same and most important question. Our transparent tracking system is recording all the followers that came from our network or ads and we simply provide You campaign tracking link, where You can see list of all Followers and verify if these are real people. Plus You have No question asked Money back guarantee, In case You find out that Followers we provided are not real people You can have 100% refund and keep the followers. So it’s WIN WIN.

Please Check Live Tracking from Our Customers

People have asked following questions frequently

The Only Website that’s provide Real results

There is not value in having millions of Bot Followers it will never intact to your content or give you a sale. We are providing real Instagram audience with the help of Google and Facebook Ads. So Yes these are 100% real people and real profiles. If You find even one Bot or fake followers, You have our no question asked – 100% Money back Guarantee.

Since We are using Ads method to grab Instagram traffic so we have full control over targeting a specific Country and Gender of Your audience. At the time of order You can add Your preferred Origin and gender for Your Instagram Followers.
Since these are not not of fake followers that work instant with a button of Click. It may take up to 24 hours to approve ads on Your Instagram Profile. At the time of Order You can manage to have x number of Followers on daily basis and our system will work accordingly.

We claim to give 100% real fan following on Instagram with the help of Facebook and Google Ads. These followers are real people and if You find any of fake or bot followers from our side You can claim it to change or have full refund without question asked.

Ofcource NOT!
We believe its a quiet confidential thing to share. Hence we made our system in a way that all we need Your Instagram account Username to get start to end.

We provide fully transparent tracking system that will provide You list of all Followers on run time that You have gain from our network. You can double check there all of the Followers belong to real people not Bots or fake dead Accounts.

These are 100% real people, real  Instagramers. They wont get blocked by Instagram hence they will never drop but they can unfollow You if they want it totally depends on Your Account niche and content.

These are real people. If you make a cool post You will get natural likes/comments and views from these followers. This is your real Fan base.

Customer Reviews

What People Say About The Services

We have been using ActiveFollowers for some prev months and its working for us. They provide real Instagram Followers that makes our post intraction increased by 50%. Thanks a lot Guys.(Y)

Finally found someone actually delivering what they claim for. Great service we are doing marketing for our Clients with collaboration with ActiveFollowers. Working great for us, definitely recommended..

We are using ActiveFollowers services for a couple of months. They are able to provide us real fan following on instagram plus they gave us great pricing. Great people at the support side. Recommend for people who pursue their career on Instagram.

Buy Real UK Instagram Followers

Followers on social media are the most important and essential part of the performance. Having a huge fan following on Instagram is great because people think that you have a great community. If you want to go viral on Instagram, you need more followers and engagements. When your Instagram profile has more followers, people will think that you are a social media celebrity. Active followers are real users, and they see and like people’s posts.

If you want to boost your sales and want to increase the views on your IGTV organically, then getting Instagram followers will play a vital role in achieving your goals easily. Instagram is one of the social media platforms which becomes much bigger in 2020 for marketing. It requires experience that you need a good fan following on Instagram; then people will see your videos or product which you are selling. Getting active and real followers will help organically, and things will start to go in the right direction.

After getting the right amount of followers who are interested in your work, will help you to reach your goals and your views will start to increase rapidly. Instagram is the most famous social media today, and there is too much competition if you want to start a business on social media. Without having followers, your profile is nothing. There are so many brands and influencers who compete to get followers and start selling their products. It is a great challenge to differentiate yourself among these brands and influencers.

Instagram will help you generate extra income by starting your brand and selling products on Instagram. There are tons of opportunities on Instagram if you have Instagram followers who are 100% REAL and ACTIVE. Start to earn with the sponsorship program. Brands and other people pay you to advertise their products. It is the most versatile and profitable platform which anyone can join easily.

Buy Real UK Instagram Followers
Benefits of Real UK Followers of Active Followers

Benefits of Real UK Followers of Active Followers

Instagram followers boost the profile, and millions of real users explore feeds and engage with the posts. Choose Active Followers to Buy Instagram Followers UK. Active Followers provide only real Instagram followers, and there are benefits to buy from us.

  • Instant Delivery: No wait. No Delays. No Regret. We instantly start working on your order and provide instant delivery with active and real followers. All the followers are real users.
  • High-Quality Followers: Active Followers is famous for providing High-Quality Followers. We offer the highest quality followers to our clients. Every follower is a real and genuine user of Instagram. You will get what you paid for.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: If you have any question regarding Instagram followers, do let us know and do not hesitate to ask. Our team will assist you soon.

How to Buy UK Instagram Followers?

Learn all the basic things and grow the Instagram account with advice. Follow the tips and become an Instagram celebrity.

  • How do I pay for my followers: We believe that all of the payments should be made securely. We accept all of the major cards for payments. The procedure will go instantly, and we do not store any of your personal information.
  • How long do the followers stay on my account: After you place an order, we keep an eye on your account for 30 days. If you lose any of the followers during this period, we will refill your account, and the number of followers will remain constant. You need to understand that not every follower is going to like what you are posting. These are the real followers, and they will live what they like.
  • Do I need to give a password: The answer is NO! you do not have to give of your personal information. All we need is just your username of Instagram, and the rest will be done instantly. We suggest you buy Instagram followers from one company if you want to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Choose us and forget about anything.
How to Buy UK Instagram Followers?

Reasons you Should Buy Instagram Followers UK

If you are serious about getting your business start on Instagram and want to increase organic views on your videos, then getting Instagram followers will help greatly.

Why do Brand Owners Choose Active Followers?

There are tons of different brands on Instagram that get tons of views and like. Brands have the strategy, and they understand the algorithm of Instagram. They know that the average user spends 53 minutes on Instagram. Major brands utilize the traffic of social media and sell their products and services.

Active Followers helps brands to achieve a high-quality result and provides great tips. Brands choose Active Followers because they know that we provide high-quality followers with instant work.

We provide high quality real and genuine followers on Instagram. We have a proper team that approves the followers and then transfers to your account. Active and real followers give more benefits and help to gain even more followers every day.

  • We provide real and active users, even at cheap rates.
  • Fastest delivery to your Instagram account with genuine users.
  • We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of unsatisfied.
  • We provide effective and super customer support 24/7 to our clients. You can ask any question without hesitating

As we all know that it takes years and a lot of hard work to gain Instagram followers, they are very important on the social media platform. There are tons of benefits to followers on Instagram.

  • Faster Growth: Followers will help you to grow your Instagram account page faster. Buy Instagram followers and make your account professional. This will foster the growth of the Instagram account. You can save your time a lot and start your brand easily with followers.
  • Increase Web Traffic: If you have your own brand website or any blog site, then you can increase your web traffic with your Instagram account. You will have more followers on Instagram, and you can tag your website link in every post. People will see your post and will visit frequently. You can monetize your website, and this will generate extra income. You can sell your products easily with Instagram followers. Increase web traffic will increase revenue, and this will help boost social proof as well. You can promote products on your website.
  • Increase Revenue: More followers and higher web traffic will boost your revenue. You can sell you any product on Instagram easily. You can tag your website in every post and increase web traffic. Monetize the website and bring all the followers to your site. Sponsorships can make you extra revenue. There are thousands of people who make thousands of dollars by just promoting products and other things.

Difference Between Bots and Real Human

A real human Instagrammer can feel your emotions. They have friends and families with whom they can share your posts and videos. They can give you feedback and will engage with your every post properly. The real Instagram account will look like real. They will have followers and different posts.

Bots are computerized accounts, and they cannot feel your emotions. They do not have any family and friends. They just hold a place in your follower list. They cannot give feedbacks and will not interact with your posts. They cannot share your posts with friends.

Difference Between Bots and Real Human

Is it safe to buy followers on Instagram?

If you are buying Instagram followers from a reputable company like, then this will eliminate all the risks. You will never regret your decision by choosing us. It is totally safe to Buy UK Instagram Followers with Active Followers UK.

How Long does it take to Deliver?

There is 3 step procedure, and then your order will be delivered to you. First, enter your detail with the correct username, make a payment, and then your order will be on its way. It is an instant process, and working will start within a minute.

We provide real and organic followers to our clients, which may take some time because we always prefer quality over quantity. Our company provides the highest quality of Instagram followers. Buy Instagram become save in 2020 from Instagram launched.

How long does it take to deliver?

There are so many companies on the internet that scam people by providing bot followers and charge too much. Unfortunately, there are still many companies that provide these services. You do not have to worry about anything. Buy Instagram Followers UK from Active Followers at affordable and cheap rates. We provide the best service on the internet, and there are tons of positive reviews which you can see on our website. Consider us if you want more genuine followers.