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Enhance Your Instagram profile interaction rate and rank Your posts to reach the explore page and to appear in top 10 hashtags of the day. Get Instagram likes from our influencer network and get likes from the right audience. All the likes came from real Instagram users and Countries including US/UK/CA/DE/EU only. We provide likes as drip feed and likes come gradually once Your campaign has been added within a tenure of 12 hours.

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Get real and organic likes from biggest influencers networks. Your interaction problem is solved. Get maximum exposure of Your Instagram content with our one of its kind service and get more followers and organic interactions from real Instagram users.

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We provide organic likes with a drip feed. You will automatically get likes from our network with in 12 hours

All the likes are organic and from real Instagram users. Once You place an order, we will get back You with confirmation of setup of Your campaign.

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    • Starter

      £ 19.99 Once
      • 50 Likes per Post
      • Total 30 Posts
      • 100% Organic Likes
      • Likes from qulity profiles
      • Boast Organic Rank
      • Instant processing
      • Deliver with in 12 hours
      • 24/7 Premium Support
    • Intermediate

      £ 29.99 Once
      • 100 Likes per Post
      • Total 30 Posts
      • 100% Organic Likes
      • Likes from qulity profiles
      • Boast Organic Rank
      • Instant processing
      • Deliver with in 12 hours
      • 24/7 Premium Support
    • Advance

      £ 59.99 Once
      • 250 Likes per Post
      • Total 30 Posts
      • 100% Organic Likes
      • Likes from qulity profiles
      • Boast Organic Rank
      • Instant processing
      • Deliver with in 12 hours
      • 24/7 Premium Support

How It Works?

We promote your posts to very large and exclusive Instagram accounts to ensure you get maximum engagement. This creates a symbiotic relationship between your account and a worldwide community, enabling exposure of your brand and content to millions! No Password is needed so you remain in control of your account!


Which Power Likes Plan is Right for Me?

Depending on your business goals and needs, you’ll choose a plan that brings in likes from accounts with a high number of followers. The number of accounts and the number of followers per account depends on the plan level you choose. Buy Instagram Likes UK and get real likes from real accounts, These accounts have a very wide reach and therefore increases the impact of each one of your posts.

Bottom Line: You will choose a plan based on your desired exposure and budget.


  • 100% Organic and Real Likes

  • Nondrop and interactive audience

  • Secure – No Password required

  • Drip Feed – deliver with in 12 Hours

  • Likes from Influncers networks

  • Natural organic growth

  • 24 x 7 dedicated customer support

People have asked following questions frequently

The Only Website that’s provide Real results

All the likes came from our network of top influncers in several niches. Your post got exposure through shoutouts and other strategies to provide you 100% real and organic likes from actual audience.

All the likes are coming from UK, USA, CA, DE and Europe countries.

Once You make an order. Power likes will automatically triggered right after, You make a new post. It may take upto 12 hours to complete the number of likes per post per day.

We accept PayPal on our website for now since its one of the most secure payment platform. But You can contact us to pay with following payment methods as well.
Payneer, Skril, Western Union, Direct Bank Transfer, Debit or Credit card

No we never ask for Your account username since its very sensitive and confidential identity. Our system has been designed in as way that to get start we only need Your Instagram username and make sure its on Public mode.

Ofcource NOT!
Since these likes are coming from real users and 100% organic. so they never disappear.

Buy Instagram Likes UK

In modern times, social media platforms like Instagram are extensively used for marketing purposes. We come across many bloggers that are promoting brand products to increase their global outreach. As we observe many successful bloggers, it seems like they did not have to work so hard to gain the number of likes or following. Growing a community on Instagram and taking your passion forward can take a lot of time. If you seek a blogger career then visibility is everything. Many influential people buy Instagram auto like to increase their visibility and gain the recognition that is well deserved by them.

Things to consider when buying Instagram likes UK

It may seem easy to buy Instagram auto like, but getting the return on investment is not easy. There are various services that provide auto likes but the likes are not creditable and they hold no value for the buyer. The likes are for the purpose of uplifting the credibility of an individual profile. Hence, a buyer should look for a commendable service provider like Active Followers UK. A well-trusted service provider ensures that all the likes are adding value to the customer’s profile and uplifting the engagement which they seek for.

Reasons To Buy Instagram Auto Likes

Why Buy Instagram Likes UK?

Instagram has become a solid source of income for various individuals. This seems to aspire others to create their own Instagram community for increased interaction. However, getting visibility and creditable recognition is not an easy task. Here is why you should buy Instagram auto likes:

Gain rapid recognition

To increase your visibility and enable people to see your posts, it is essential to have likes. People do not easily get suggested to new Instagram users until and unless they have an ample number of likes. Buying real-time auto likes can help increase your visibility significantly and more people can reach your profile.

Minimize effort

Instagram is an extensive platform that caters to the entertainment and marketing needs of various individuals. Instagram has become a platform where various small businesses initiate its marketing tactics. If you are a small business owner of a blogger who requires traffic, you need to work hard to gain visibility. However, Instagram auto likes are like a push towards great beginnings without putting in a lot of effort.

Uplift brand image

There are a lot of brands with exemplary products and great results. However, they remain unnoticed due to a lack of visibility online. A brand is only successful if it is recognized by an ample amount of population. The auto Instagram likes help to boost visibility and bring more authentic traffic to the business which increases sales.

Gain credibility

Gaining sufficient credibility is one of the most challenging endeavors for a new business. People do not trust a new brand easily, but they judge their credibility on the basis of following. When you buy Instagram auto likes, you automatically make your business appear in front of new audiences. This helps your page to ultimately gain more followers and build a trusted community.

Here Is Why Choose Us !

Why Choose Active Followers UK?

The Active Followers UK is quite an authentic service that has successfully gained the trust of many people due to the impeccable service. We as a service provider believe in establishing a strong trustful relationship with our customers on the basis of our work. Here is why you should choose us:

Reasonable Price

The Active Followers UK believes that a united collaboration with its customers is an effective way to grow collectively. Hence, we have designed multiple packages that are reasonably priced. Customers can choose any package as per their convenience while still getting maximum value for their money.

Quality likes

The Active Followers UK works with the utmost passion to provide classic services with a calculative approach for maximum dual-ended growth. We create value for the customers by providing real-time likes by real followers to increase their visibility. We have community pages through which we establish most of our traffic and engagement likes.

Increased social presence

The Active Followers UK has quite a systematic approach when it comes to working for a customer. We make sure that we add value through our likes to increase your social presence. We allow our customers to evaluate the growth of their profiles through our service. We provide a long-lasting service which ensures that the likes stay even after months of them being bought.

Instant delivery

We do not keep our customers waiting for a longer period. In fact, we start the process within minutes of the order being placed. We believe the time is gold and effective action on time is key to success.

A simple method for payment

We accept payment through various modes of payment, you can pay us through PayPal as well as multiple credit card services.

Hassle-free return policy

If you find anything faulty with our services, we pay full money back along with a proper replacement.

How to buy Instagram auto like from Active Followers UK?

The process to buy Instagram auto likes is fairly simple, just follow steps mentioned below:

Select a package

There are multiple packages available on the official website which you can analyze and select. After selecting the package, you can move to the next step.

Give out personal details

The Active Followers UK requires your personal info such as name and email ID as well as the Instagram account information. We keep all the personal information confidential and adopt strict data protection laws.

Pay and get the service

Lastly, you pay for the service and receive services you asked for within a day or two depending upon the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

More FAQs

Is the audience aware of the Instagram auto likes?

We adopt seamless operation and viable techniques to make sure your active audience is not aware of auto likes.

Are the auto likes genuine?

Yes! We use our engagement page traffic to divert the following and likes to your page for increased credibility and visibility.

The importance of buying Instagram Auto Likes

Instagram auto likes to provide a customer an ample amount of exposure which allows them to create an influential online presence for themselves. We provide a small uplift to your account for added credibility so that more people or brands can reach your profile.