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Give life to your regular Instagram videos and short-lived stories, buy Instagram views UK to record highest sales and identity!

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Why to publish an Instagram video if someone does not view it? How does it feel you when only a few followers view your Instagram videos and stories? Active Followers UK has been growing the views on your Instagram stories and videos in order to fit in with your whole marketing strategy. Buy Instagram views UK from us and improve your conversion rate.

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Active Followers UK knows the science of Instagram completely. Our systems select the profiles with reliable industry background for organic propagation of your videos and stories on Instagram. We persist on creating ways about how you can get organic Instagram views to boost engagement level at all stages. Being the top-rated agency in UK, we have been shouldering thousands of brands and individual accounts to take their Instagram outlook up. Why You should Choose us

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Instagram imprints one view if a user watches your video for at least three seconds. Active Followers UK systemizes your Instagram videos and stories to the profiles who watch your videos for a sufficient span of time, thus claiming numerous organic views for you.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Do you provide real views? Yes, we do. This is why we are into this business. Since we believe in integrity of your Instagram account, we serve only real and organic views using the best of knowledge our experts have acquired through years. These real views pertain to IGTV, videos and stories.

How safe is buying Instagram views? Buying organic Instagram views is legal and safe. We guarantee the security of your Instagram account before, during and after delivery of views. Our process is highly compatible with Instagram protocols, it is therefore unlikely for the Instagram to ban or suspend your account.

What is your process like? We use specialised, perpetuated process to deliver you real Instagram views. We do this through our affiliate websites, ads and influencer marketers. The use of Artificial Intelligence makes us different from others. All these efforts result in timely delivery of 100 % real, interactive and organic views on your Instagram stories and videos.

What is the validity of these Instagram views? The Instagram views we provide are fully authenticated and valid. Along with a continuous increase in views, you attract more Instagram followers if your content is valuably catchy.

How much time you take to deliver order? It depends upon the package you order. Usually, we deliver the basic package within an hour. Our special packages may take a few hours to be delivered.

Do you need password for my Instagram account? Active Followers UK never asks your Instagram password. We only need your username to process your order. Your Instagram password is your gateway to enter your account and nobody is authorised to enter through the same way.

How can I make the payment for my order? We offer the safest payment gateways including PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer and all kinds of debit and credit cards. We are a registered agency and you will experience high level of safety while paying us through any of the stated methods.

Can I ask for refund? In case you locate and prove faultiness of the Instagram views we deliver, you can ask for the refund. We will process your query and arrange for your refund in a highly respectable way.

Our Customers Speak Very High of Us

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Prior to buying Instagram views, my Instagram videos were unnoticeable. Active Followers has changed the approach of my Instagram account.

As a progressive startup runner, I would thank my business associate who referred me to the guys at Active Followers.

I bought Instagram views and noticed an obvious increase in customer inquiries. Thanks to the modern technology!

My previous experience with Active Followers had been a success. My marketing staff is planning about when to buy more video views from them.

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I just ordered the Instagram views and received them quite effortlessly. Really impressed by the customer service of Active Followers UK.

IG Views

Why You Need to Buy Instagram Views UK?

Proven reasons to buy Instagram video and story views
things to remind
  • Instagram algorithm puts stories and videos with more views at the top
  • IG story views are capable of enhancing traffic on your linked websites
  • More views let you connect with your valuable followers in the long-run
  • You need organic Instagram views to increase your business influence
  • These are the Instagram views that make your content simply popular

  • Instagram views constitute an increase in conversion rate of your brand
  • To improve online presence of your brand, you require Instagram views
  • Buy Instagram views UK to become a super celebrity on social media

  • IG custom views
    How to Get Instagram views

    How Instagram views fit into your marketing strategy?

    Instagram video viewers could be your loyal customers

    The world of advertisement has travelled from paper brochures and hoardings to television commercials. Currently, marketing videos on Instagram have entirely replaced the trends for three major factors:

  • Billions of Instagram users in UK and outside
  • Rapid increase in the users of smartphones
  • The paradigm shift from photos to videos
  • Active Followers UK takes an Instagram video from a different angle. For businesses and brands, a perfectly right Instagram video serves 6S benefits from marketing standpoint.

  • Shares brand philosophy
  • Sets conversion rate
  • Saves on airtime
  • Stays at the top
  • Stimulates viewers
  • Sells the product
  • Only real Instagram Views Matter?

    Our tracking link ensures authenticity of Instagram views
  • Real Instagram views animate your brand definition in the minds of audience
  • Buy Instagram views UK; factual views make you visible on explore pages
  • Active Followers UK’s organic views take you nearest to your customers
  • Views from Interactive followers are easily sensed by Instagram algorithm
  • Instagram video views rank your business higher in the search results
  • Instagram video views rank your business higher in the search results
  • Usually, the users follow the Instagram accounts with a large number of views
  • The biggest traffic of online consumers watches Instagram videos of brands
  • Intelligent Instagram videos are the brain of a digital marketing strategy
  • People like videos more than photos, therefore buy Instagram views UK
    • get IG custom views
      UK Custom IG Views

      Fake Instagram Views Are Your Opponents?

      Why you should never buy fake Instagram video views?
      • Bots have no profile while traced back; fake followers deteriorate
      • The audience suspect your brand identity due to fake video views
      • Fake views belong to the fake followers and are seriously useless
      • Over a definite time period, bots lower the level of engagement
      • Fake views and followers can cause suspension of your account
      how to get instagram followers

      Easy Tips and Hacks to Grow your Instagram Views

      Implement small tips to create huge impact

      • Post interesting and high-definition videos to your Instagram stories for facilitated acquirement of organic Instagram views. Active Followers UK supports you commercial and personal goals by delivering state-of-the-art services.
      • Looping your IG videos mostly produces favourable results. You gain an authentic view every time your video loops.
      • The experts of Active Followers UK have experienced that professionally edited videos gain more views. For your business account, an Instagram video carries the marketing message of your brand to the target customers. More views gather more audience to showcase your brand and offering.
      • Regular video posting actually earns real Instagram views. We recommend you to Buy Instagram Views UK once and then post the videos at regular intervals to get maximum engagement, reach and conversion.
      • You can reuse your most admired and quality videos in IGTV to attract competent traffic in the form of views, likes, comments and recommendations. The success of IGTV videos solely relies on the quality of your content and recording.
      • Share your Instagram videos and stories on linked social media platforms to get Instagram views. The professionals always share their IG videos on Facebook. Sharing the link of your Instagram video with your contacts on WhatsApp will not disappoint you.
      • Keep on optimizing your Instagram account to make it parallel to the available features. Periodic optimization offers more opportunities to catch up true followers who passionately view your Instagram videos.
      • Influential video descriptions compel the users to stay on the page, watch your video feeds and follow your account for future videos. It is upright to use your brain creatively to ignite the economic emotions of the audience.
      • Surprise the social users with live video sessions on Instagram to create a greater level of intimacy with your probable customers. Make sure that you are recording and editing the videos as per preferences of your followers and audience.
      • Analyse Instagram insights and numbers regularly to device and alter marketing strategy for your brand. Do not post your marketing videos blindly unless you see the performance of your previously posted videos and stories.

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