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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

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Are the followers you provide real people? These followers are as real as you yourself. We fetch traffic from our marketing network ignited by Instagram influencers and UK based affiliate publishers. Their presence on your profile would prove they are real and follow you from heart.

Do you need password for my Instagram account? We believe in popularity and success with security. We never ask for your passcodes and confidential information. All we need is your Instagram username.

How can I track my followers? Upon receiving your order, we send a tracking link to your email address. Use this link to track the followers of your profiles. Do not forget to give your valuable feedback after delivery of your order.

What is delivery time? We deliver 1000 followers within one hour. The timeframe can be calculated depending on the number of likes you order. We quickly deliver within the promised time.

Will these followers drop with time? Since these followers are active and organic, Instagram cannot block them. Your followers count will keep on mounting with time. However, they may unfollow you if you do something unethical, or your content appears to be a boring stuff.

Which payment methods do you accept? We have enabled PayPal at our website. However, you can contact us if you want to pay through Payoneer, Skril, Western Union, International Bank Transfers. We accept all the credit cards for your convenience. We do not store your payment information with us, so you can pay with full peace of mind.

Do these followers interact with my post? Yes! We provide real and interactive followers. You will find them interacting with your posts subject to the quality of content. You will notice growth in number of likes, views and comments on your posts.

How secure is your procedure? We respect your security and privacy. Our procedure is fully secure. This is why we do not ask for any password. We have served more than 10,000 customers worldwide with zero complaints.

My order has not started. What should I do? Usually, this does not happen at Active Followers UK. Do a few needful things If your order does not start. Check whether you have typed the right username. Ensure that your Instagram username is on public mode. You can talk to us through our customer service center for 24/7 assistance.

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