FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

There is not value in having millions of Bot Followers it will never intact to your content or give you a sale. We are providing real Instagram audience with the help of Google and Facebook Ads. So Yes these are 100% real people and real profiles. If You find even one Bot or fake followers, You have our no question asked – 100% Money back Guarantee.

Since We are using Ads method to grab Instagram traffic so we have full control over targeting a specific Country and Gender of Your audience. At the time of order You can add Your preferred Origin and gender for Your Instagram Followers.
Since these are not not of fake followers that work instant with a button of Click. It may take up to 24 hours to approve ads on Your Instagram Profile. At the time of Order You can manage to have x number of Followers on daily basis and our system will work accordingly.

We claim to give 100% real fan following on Instagram with the help of Facebook and Google Ads. These followers are real people and if You find any of fake or bot followers from our side You can claim it to change or have full refund without question asked.

Ofcource NOT!
We believe its a quiet confidential thing to share. Hence we made our system in a way that all we need Your Instagram account Username to get start to end.

We provide fully transparent tracking system that will provide You list of all Followers on run time that You have gain from our network. You can double check there all of the Followers belong to real people not Bots or fake dead Accounts.

These are 100% real people, real  Instagramers. They wont get blocked by Instagram hence they will never drop but they can unfollow You if they want it totally depends on Your Account niche and content.

These are real people. If you make a cool post You will get natural likes/comments and views from these followers. This is your real Fan base.

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