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Social Media is the platform where millions of people share their memories, posts, daily life stuff, and more. Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular social site on the internet, and it is the best place to share pictures and videos. Instagram has a massive amount of audience. Instagram provides a lot of features to its users. If you ever want to have a private account, then IG does not restrict you.

These private accounts have hidden content that only the selected ones can see. So what about Instagram Account You Want to See is Hidden from Public View? Well, it’s not a big deal to see someone’s private account on Instagram because there are some ways that can make it easy to Instagram Private Account.

There is a little work to do, but these steps will help you to see someone’s private account correctly. Continue reading the article because, in the first, we will tell the advantages and disadvantages of both public and private Instagram account.

Public Vs Private Instagram Accounts

It depends on you whether you want a public account or a private account and what you want to have one of them. Some people choose private accounts because they do not want to share their social life with other unknown persons such as new friends or exes etc. If you’re going to hide your social life from others, then you must keep all the social media accounts private, including Instagram.

view Private Instagram Account

If you want to share your social life with others and you do not mind whoever sees your pictures and videos, then you should keep the account to the public. Public accounts have higher chances to engage with more people at a larger scale.

Make Your Profile Public:

  • If you have a small brand or growing business, then the public account is a perfect option to engage with more people on Instagram. Public accounts target more audience than private accounts.
  • If you are an internet personality, social influencer, or a talented person and want more engagement and fans.
  • If you are willing to share your social life with others, then keep your account public for better engagement.

Make Your Profile Private:

  • If you do not want more followers and you do not care about it.
  • If you want to keep your identity hidden.
  • If you do not like strangers in your social life.

How to Make Your IG Profile Private?

It is effortless to make your profile private. Follow the simple steps below, and your account will be private.

  • First, open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the profile icon located at the bottom of the right corner.
  • On the top right corner, you will see three lines icon, press it.
  • Tap on setting icon located at the bottom right corner and settings will be opened.
  • Scroll down, and you will see “Private Account” just enable it.

Your account will get private and no stranger will be able to see your profile without your approval. Now let’s talk about the method by which you can see the private IG account.

How to View Private Instagram Profile

If you want to know about the social life of others and want to see their private accounts, then this method will help you. Know about your ex’s personal life and social life. Connect with the people whose accounts are private.


Follow the steps below carefully,

1) Send A Follow Request

Sending follow requests is one of the legal and legit ways to see someone’s private account. Ask the owner directly to see their social life and send them to follow request and you will be good to go. It is the most effective way to see private profiles easily.

Send them to follow requests and be patient because it can take some time to get approved. Keep your account to the public because he/she can see your pictures and videos. This will increase engagement between both of you.

If it takes so much to get approved by the target, then there is another way to contact him/her. Send your target a Direct Message using the IG app. Share your thoughts and convince them that we know each other and have met before somewhere. Be polite and generous while sending messages.

Some people will accept the follow request without sending them a direct message and some people have strict policies about that. You can send them a message within the app and they will receive your message within no time.

Inform them that you have met before or you know each other. Doing this will increase attention in target and he/she will reply to you. Make them comfortable with you. This is the legal and most effective way to see through private accounts.

2) Create a Dummy Account

If the above method does not work, then this method will definitely work. Create a fake account and send them a request again but with fake information. Make an attractive account with fake information. This method might not be good but it works in most cases.

However, this is not a good way to see the pictures and videos of private accounts. Do this at your own will.

I will give you some important tips if you are willing to create a fake account to see the content of private accounts.

  • First, you should know who is your target. It means that if your target is a guy, then I will suggest you create a female profile. People usually accept females follow requests without wasting any time.
  • Choose a decent picture and put a unique and attractive bio in a fake account. Upload dummy female photos into account and choose wisely. See the female trend on Instagram and post different things on account to make it look real.
  • After that put your fake female account to private because this will create a curiosity for target and others.
  • Now it is time to send follow requests. Be patient and wait for the target’s response. Female follow requests get accepted within no time.
  • If you still do not get accepted by the target, then send him/her direct message and explain why you are interested in him/her. Be generous and show interest in them.

These are the steps and tips if you go with this method. This method will help you to see a private account in a legal way. If this method does not work, then there is more method.

3) Use Instagram Profile Viewer Tools

Well, there are so many sites available on the internet which claim that you can see videos and pictures of the private account by following simple steps on the website.

You should be careful about that because there are so many sites which are just scams. They lead you to some other sites and put a virus on your computer or mobile phone. Sometimes they ask for payment or special requirements in order to see private account content on IG.

These sites ask you to take surveys that usually never end. If you ever find any site like this, then stay away and watch out for these sites. These sites even ask for your credit card number. So this is not a good way to see any private profile on Instagram.

They will ask for your username and steal your data for personal use. They will ask you to download private profile media and data but these files will be malicious and harmful for your computer. They will ask for your personal information such as your location and your phone number. After that, they will take you to the selected private profile which you wish to see.

This is a risky way but it will somehow work for you if you complete those surveys and provide your information. They use Instagram Viewer Tool and show you the content of the private account.

These are the ways through which you can see the pictures and videos of a private account.

Increase your followers because people follow those who have many followers and interesting social life. You can see private accounts without providing any personal information. So here is all if you want to Buy UK Instagram Followers try active followers real audience.

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